Easy Pumpkin Bread Cupcakes

Happy Thanksgiving yall! Enjoy!   



Easy DIY MacBook  Cover Case Design

Oh how I love glitter duct tape. What a brilliant idea! I mean seriously, how did we not think of this before.

Easy Cheap No Mess Versatile

Glitter duct tape is definitely a must have for DIY crafters. I went a little overboard with it in the beginning… light switches, door knobs, mirrors, candles, frames, handles. You get the point. I found the tape lasts longest on plastics.

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I glitterfied way to many things this summer. No regrets. My favorite result was my laptop.


It only takes a few minutes to create. All you need is glitter duct tape and scissors.I used the thin kind of tape to avoid chunky stripes.

Slide3I cut the tape right at the edges so it would have a natural finish.


The logo is the only tricky part. I just cut around the tape, but it took a few tries. I recommend planning that part out beforehand.


Don’t worry about it ruining your laptop. It’s easy to take off and wont leave any marks.

And that’s it!! Easy right?!

Have a fantastic weekend.



DIY Hot Wheels Exterior


Good Morning Crafters,

Today I’m doing something a little different: Hot Wheels DIY. Yes Hot Wheels. Be excited.


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Basic Supplies

Scissors » »


Sharpies » »


Paint Sharpies » »


Glitter Duct Tape » »


Anything else you have laying around. » »

Finished Product





Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you decide to design one of your own, I would love to share them on my blog. Get to it crafters!

Until next time,





Wedding Inspiration Board

Overwhelmed by wedding planning? Take a time-out. Make an inspiration board…super fun and super cheap. Not engaged? NBD, neither am I. Lets be honest girls… we think about our wedding all the time. There’s nothing wrong with a little creative fun.


(photo and collage created by: Callie Boyette ©)

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What You Need:



  • Don’t just use bridal mags: Use cosmo, glamour, etc. for variety.
  • Organize your clippings into piles: Small, medium, large, extra large, words.
  • Inverted Pyramid: Place your largest clippings on first and smallest on last.
  • Progress not perfection: You don’t have to make it perfect. Imperfection makes it beautiful


As The Semester Comes To A Close…

933911_2204198275163_91129857_nFour months ago I began my last year of college. Like most of my fellow seniors, I expected classes to be typical, and by typical, I mean boring. You know the type… 3 Exams + 1 Final + teachers who hand you material to memorize, in which you promptly forget the day after the test. However, much to my surprise, one of my classes was not the norm and actually taught me something useful for life after college. Not to say that my other classes weren’t  educational, but they didn’t excite me or push me. Among other things, my class introduced me to the world of blogging. Although I had a general understanding of blogs and undoubtably read various posts while skimming through facebook, the actual methods behind blogging were unknown to me. Luckily, my communications class came to the rescue and enlightened me on the tools of the trade.

The obvious tools that I found helpful were linking to other websites and posting to social media sites. Experience, however, was the best tool of all. At first I struggled to create unique and interesting posts. My OCD side went a little overboard, and my posts were a bit too long and complicated. I learned that simplicity is key… Steve Jobs would be proud.

Some the awesome DIY projects I got the create:

In the future, I plan to creat a tv/film blog that is more my style. Now that I have learned from my mistakes, I feel better equipt to write a decent blog. User interaction is also key. To have a successful blog you must think of your audience before yourself by asking, “What information would I want from a blog?” I won’t pretend to be an expert, but I think my passion gives me something to contribute to the blogging community. Furthermore, I will use the tools I have learned in class to promote myself in the film world after graduation. Having a successful blog is a great resume booster because it showcases your talents and provides insight to who you are and why you love what you love.

A TV/film blog I really like is Mettel Ray. She provides a unique style with modern attributes. Check out her blog and show some support!

Overall my blogging experience proved to be very educational, interesting, and, most of all, fun! Now it’s back to studying for finals. Good luck to everyone else whose days/nights consist of endless reading and studying flashcards. Hang in there!



30 DIY Craft “Essentials”

Writing & Drawing

1. Crayons: They are great for both kids and adults. Click here for 35 crayon craft ideas (includes melted crayon project).


2. Markers: My favorite brand → Crayola Washable Markers $4.99 at Office Depot.

3. Sharpies: A must-have craft supply. Black sharpies are classic and sexy; colored sharpies are fun and cheerful; and metallic paint markers are elegant and sophisticated. I’m obsessed with DIY sharpie mugs!! If you are too, check out Pintrest board by clicking here


Reblogged from Craftaholics Anonymous. Image from Just Imagine.

Other Materials: Charcoal, Pastels, Ink.


4. Watercolors: They are most commonly applied to paper and make absolutely beautiful designs. Looking for inspiration? Check out the following links:


Image from The Cottage Market.

5. Tempera Paint: Tempera is a permanent and fast-drying. It’s also inexpensive and safe, making it great for kids.                 Surfaces: Wood, Glass, Canvas, Fabric, Paper.

6. Chalkboard Paint: It’s vintage. It’s versatile. It’s fabulous. From wedding DIY to kids crafts, chalkboard paint can do it all. Pst…it also makes great [cheap] gifts. 


Image from Buzzfeed.

Other Paints: Glow-In-The-Dark-Paint, Acrylic Paint, Washable Kids Paint.


7. Yarn, String, Thread: Always a must for any DIY crafter. You never know when they will come in handy. Check out this awesome Buzzfeed post for 32 Awesome DIY Yarn Projects.

8. Felt: You can make so many cute felt crafts. They make great presents for kids and are inexpensive.


“Top 10 Cutest Felt Crafts”.Click here to see more.

felt2 “Felt Freeze Pop Sabers”. Click here to see more.

9. Lace & Denim: Try something different and use lace or denim for a craft project. If you rifle through your closet, I bet you can find a few items you can transform into awesome crafts.


10. Gems/Jewels: These are an obvious must. There are tons of crafts that involve gems and jewels. Check out this super cool how-to article by clicking here.

11. Sequins: Chic. Sparkly. Fabulous. Need I say more. 

12. Pom Poms: Poms are essential. You can create very unique crafts with them. Poms are also perfect for parties.


How cool is this chair? Article: “Pom-Pom Furniture”; Posted by: Caroline Williamson.

Other Materials: Pipe Cleaners, Buttons, Beads, Feathers.


13. Glitter: I love it. You love it. The end. 

14. Popsicle Sticks: A must-have. Popsicle sticks serve many functions, from flower holders to picture frames.

15. Confetti: One of the funniest craft supplies ever! So many projects, so little time. Check this out: DIY Confetti Bowl.

Other Materials: Wood shapes, Stencils, Craft Foam, Ribbon, Clay, Balloons.


16. Mod Podge: It’s Mod Podge y’all. My favorite craft supply. Use it as a gloss, as a sealer, or as a glue. It keeps crafts looking pretty and professional. If you don’t have it, get it. You can buy Mod Podge at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores. 

17. Tacky Glue (just info): Reliable, non-toxic, fast-drying. Tacky glue has been used in homes for decades.                               Surfaces: Metal, Wood, Paper, Ceramaics.

18. Painter’s Tape: This is incredible helpful when making painted crafts, giving you flawless lines and gorgeous projects. Although it can be pricey, you should definitely invest in some good Painter’s Tape.

painters tape

Image from RRR.


19. Ruler & Scissors (info): They are obvious, but must be mentioned.

20. Paintbrushes: Good paintbrushes are hard to find so take some extra time to research what brush is right for your project.

21. Glue Gun/Glue Sticks: I like to use mini glue guns because they are cheaper…and cuter:p


Buy this Mini Glue Gun at Hobby Lobby for $3.99.

Other Tools: Hole Punch, Wire Clippers, Rubber Stamps, Cutting Mat, Xacto Knife.


22. Construction Paper: You can find it at any crafting store.

23. Colored Tissue Paper: One of my favorite projects…Pom Poms. Click here to find out how to make them. 

24. Clear Contact Paper: Buy it here.

Other Paper: Copy Paper, Origami Paper, Poster Board.

RecycleD/From the Home

25. Mason Jars: DUH!! 

26. Cardboard Boxes: They can be used for anything.

27. Magazines & DVD’s: Magazines are great for collages and DVD’s are great for mosaics. Check out my recent blog post “How-To Create a Mosaic Using DVD’s”.

Other Materials: Egg Cartons, Brown Paper Bags, Newspaper, Bubble Wrap, Toothpicks, Cotton Balls.

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Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day!



Blog Review!

Hello lovely readers! I’m doing something a little different today; I’m reviewing a fellow DIY blogger. Why you ask? Because I love finding other up-and-coming bloggers and sharing with the world their unique vision of DIY crafting. How awesome is it to find someone whose interested in the same hobby as you? It’s hella awesome (yes im dorky). When you find such bloggers, I think that it’s important to show support and encouragement. So, with out further ado, let me introduce you to


(Click the above image to view the blog.)


SHELBYTRIES is a DIY craft blog that’s great for college students and other individuals with busy lives. Her projects include fun materials, like chalkboard paint and gold spray paint. This is a must-check-out-blog!!!

  • Website: https://shelbytries.wordpress.com/256-2/
  • Author: Shelby Jimenez
  • School: Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas)
  • Major: Mass Communication



I absolutely love her projects involving chalkboard paint. Such a fun idea!! I think chalkboard is great because it’s old-school and elegant, a perfect combo. I may use her as inspiration for my next blog post. There are two DIY chalkboard paint projects of hers that I love, a storage container and tea jars.


(Shelby’s DIY chalkboard paint storage container.)

Storage Container: How cool is this?! Using chalkboard paint on a storage container is a great way to spruce up your bedroom, closet, or dorm room, giving it that homey feel. I also love how she wrote in cursive to give her project a personal touch. Click here to see how she made it!

Tea Jars: Chalkboard Tea Jars are just adorable! I like how she used them to organize her spices. This is a must try! Click here to see for yourself.



(Shelby’s cute and cozy dorm room.)

I really like how all her DIY projects are simple and easy to create, making them perfect for college students. Pintrest is overloaded with awesome, but complicated craft ideas. It’s rare to find crafting projects like hers that are both simple and beautiful.

Coodos to Shelby for her stylish dorm room decor (pictured to the left) – pretty lights, cozy bed, and well-organized “mini-closet” under her bed…yes please!!

Click here to check out her cool post about DIY coffee mug designs. Hint: They include gold spray-paint…enough said.


“I really like making a mess too, so I hope you’ll stick around to see what havoc I wreak..”

-Shelby Jimenez

I love this!! I think it’s great that she has a “messy” crafting environment. If you aren’t comfortable making a mess then you shouldn’t be crafting. You go girl!


Quality pictures are a must for any blog, and this girl is doing it right. Her pictures are well-framed, pretty, and intriguing. They make me want to try her DIY projects and ask the question, “What will she think of next.”



Thanks for stopping by y’all!



How To Make A Perfect Picture Collage!!

collage header

(Sample Picture Collage)

I love, love, love picture collages. They are fun and personal…and super addicting. When I was around thirteen years old, I was first introduced to collages. My sister was home on summer break when she decided to make one out of some old magazines I had lying around. Six months later almost ever inch of the walls in my room were covered with collages (yikes!). I no longer have collage-cluttered walls, but I still make them from time to time. Throughout the years I have learned the essentials of a perfect picture collage. I created a list bellow to share with y’all. Enjoy!

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The Canvas {Background}


First things first: Choose your canvas, or background, for your collage.

A variety of backgrounds are available for collages and it’s important to choose the right one. Provided below is a list of my Do’s and Don’ts for collage backgrounds. I recommend planning out your collage before you begin your project to avoid mistakes.


  • White Canvas: A white canvas looks professional and will look nice in your home.
  • Wood Canvas: In addition to being professional, a wood canvas provides a little more stability and smoother surface.
  • Cardboard: For special background layouts (hearts, stars, etc.), Cardboard is perfect. See below for more info on background layouts. Tip: For protection, frame collages with cardboard backgrounds.


  • Poster Boards: They are flimsy and tacky. For day-to-day collages, these are fine; however, if the collage is a gift or wall decor, go in another direction.
  • Glass: There is a time and place for glass in the crafting world. Picture collages are not one of them.


Next, choose a theme. Let’s say, for example, you choose Valentine’s Day as your theme. To stay consistent, you could use…

  • Red and pink colors for elements such as border and text. 
  • Heart icons/pictures throughout the collage.
  • Romantic pictures of you and your partner or pictures from the internet/magazines.

Design Layout

Now you’re ready to choose a design layout. There are several options. Some examples are the following:


A Classic Layout is elegant and has defined borders that clearly show each picture. These are best for big events, such as weddings or graduations. It’s best to use only pictures, as opposed to magazine cut-outs, for this type of collage.

GREY'S ANATOMY COLLAGE greys anstomyLayered Layout

Layered Layouts are more creative. Using magazines or computer printed pictures for this collage is better than using camera pictures. Layered collages are great for personal projects and involve text. One example would be making a collage of your favorite television show. Pictured to the left is a sample Layered Layout created by yours truly of my favorite show Grey’s Anatomy.

scrapbook picture collage boyfriendScrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Layouts are also creative. They are best used for trips and events where keepsakes (recipets, tickets, etc.) are involved. For example, you could make a scrapbook collage of your family trip, including your plane tickets, guest list, etc as keepsakes. This adds another dimension to your collage and provides a unique way of keeping your special memories alive. Look at pintrest for creative ideas on how to make Scrapbook Layout.

heartShapes Layout

Shapes Layouts can be made with both personal pictures and other material. These are fun because they are completely left up to the crafter. Be unique and create something new. They make great gifts for special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.


Now that you have your canvas, design layout, and theme, it’s time to add a border. Why? A Border enhances the collage and brings everything together. Consider the layout and theme when choosing a border.


  • Super graphic borders are too distracting and divert attention away from your collage. You want the focus to be on your collage, not the border.
  • Chunky borders are overwhelming and can be tacky when they aren’t used properly.
  • Check out Pintrest or Google images for inspiration.

Finishing Touch {Mod Podge}

mod podgeFinally it’s time to add Mod Podge. Mod Podge is freakin awesome. It’s the stuff you probably used in art class back in elementary school. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to your completed collage to give it a shiny/glossy look. Mod Podge also keeps your collage protected and in place.

Buy Mod Podge online.

More info on Mod Podge.

Happy crafting y’all!



How To Create A DVD Mosaic!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How cool is this? A Mosaic made from old DVD’s…GENIUS! Not only is it beautiful, but its cheap too. Mosaics are usually made out of glass, stones, etc. However, if you’re on a budget like me (broke college student and all), DVD’s serve as a great alternative. I decided to test the DVD method out on an old jewelry box that I had stuffed in the back of my closet.

Supplies Needed: DVD’s (I used about 20), scissors, Mod Podge (or clear gloss spray if you have the cash), and a small paint brush.


First I painted the jewelry box. I decided to go with pink because I thought it would be a good background color for the mosaic pieces.


I applied several coats of paint, waiting about 15-20 minutes in between each coat.

While I waited for each coat to dry, I started working on the mosaic pieces. Slide12The number of DVD’s needed will vary, depending on the project. I used about 20 or so for mine.


*Fun Fact: DVD’s have two layers – the top layer, which is silver, and the bottom layer, which is clear. The top layer has the purple, shiny stuff that makes the mosaic look awesome. You won’t need the clear layer for the mosaic, but you may want to save it for a future project.


To make the separation processes easier, I cut them in half. I recommend working on this part outside (I learned the hard way lol).


Now the two layers can be separated. This can be a little tricky but stick with it. I used my nails to separate the edges and then gently pulled the rest apart.

Slide14After that I applied Mod Podge to the DVD’s to keep the purple shiny stuff sealed on the disc. If you have the money, applying a clear gloss spray serves as a better sealer because it keeps the surface smooth.

Slide08I applied the Mod Podge with a small paint brush and let them dry for 15-20 minutes.

Slide25 Then I cut the discs into pieces.


I experimented by cutting different shapes, but I recommend using similar cuts to make it easier to put the mosaic together. Weird angles can cause awkward spaces.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Slide15After all the pieces were cut, I began to piece together my mosaic. I applied a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the pieces and then firmly pressed them to the box for about 10-15 seconds.

This was my finished project:

Click here to see the blog post that inspired me.

Thanks for checking out my post. Check back next week for a brand new D.I.Y. project.