Easy DIY MacBook  Cover Case Design

Oh how I love glitter duct tape. What a brilliant idea! I mean seriously, how did we not think of this before.

Easy Cheap No Mess Versatile

Glitter duct tape is definitely a must have for DIY crafters. I went a little overboard with it in the beginning… light switches, door knobs, mirrors, candles, frames, handles. You get the point. I found the tape lasts longest on plastics.

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I glitterfied way to many things this summer. No regrets. My favorite result was my laptop.


It only takes a few minutes to create. All you need is glitter duct tape and scissors.I used the thin kind of tape to avoid chunky stripes.

Slide3I cut the tape right at the edges so it would have a natural finish.


The logo is the only tricky part. I just cut around the tape, but it took a few tries. I recommend planning that part out beforehand.


Don’t worry about it ruining your laptop. It’s easy to take off and wont leave any marks.

And that’s it!! Easy right?!

Have a fantastic weekend.




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