As The Semester Comes To A Close…

933911_2204198275163_91129857_nFour months ago I began my last year of college. Like most of my fellow seniors, I expected classes to be typical, and by typical, I mean boring. You know the type… 3 Exams + 1 Final + teachers who hand you material to memorize, in which you promptly forget the day after the test. However, much to my surprise, one of my classes was not the norm and actually taught me something useful for life after college. Not to say that my other classes weren’t ¬†educational, but they didn’t excite me or push me. Among other things, my class introduced me to the world of blogging. Although I had a general understanding of blogs and undoubtably read various posts while skimming through facebook, the actual methods behind blogging were unknown to me. Luckily, my communications class came to the rescue and enlightened me on the tools of the trade.

The obvious tools that I found helpful were linking to other websites and posting to social media sites. Experience, however, was the best tool of all. At first I struggled to create unique and interesting posts. My OCD side went a little overboard, and my posts were a bit too long and complicated. I learned that simplicity is key… Steve Jobs would be proud.

Some the awesome DIY projects I got the create:

In the future, I plan to creat a tv/film blog that is more my style. Now that I have learned from my mistakes, I feel better equipt to write a decent blog. User interaction is also key. To have a successful blog you must think of your audience before yourself by asking, “What information would I want from a blog?” I won’t pretend to be an expert, but I think my passion gives me something to contribute to the blogging community. Furthermore, I will use the tools I have learned in class to promote myself in the film world after graduation. Having a successful blog is a great resume booster because it showcases your talents and provides insight to who you are and why you love what you love.

A TV/film blog I really like is Mettel Ray. She provides a unique style with modern attributes. Check out her blog and show some support!

Overall my blogging experience proved to be very educational, interesting, and, most of all, fun! Now it’s back to studying for finals. Good luck to everyone else whose days/nights consist of endless reading and studying flashcards. Hang in there!




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