30 DIY Craft “Essentials”

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1. Crayons: They are great for both kids and adults. Click here for 35 crayon craft ideas (includes melted crayon project).


2. Markers: My favorite brand → Crayola Washable Markers $4.99 at Office Depot.

3. Sharpies: A must-have craft supply. Black sharpies are classic and sexy; colored sharpies are fun and cheerful; and metallic paint markers are elegant and sophisticated. I’m obsessed with DIY sharpie mugs!! If you are too, check out Pintrest board by clicking here


Reblogged from Craftaholics Anonymous. Image from Just Imagine.

Other Materials: Charcoal, Pastels, Ink.


4. Watercolors: They are most commonly applied to paper and make absolutely beautiful designs. Looking for inspiration? Check out the following links:


Image from The Cottage Market.

5. Tempera Paint: Tempera is a permanent and fast-drying. It’s also inexpensive and safe, making it great for kids.                 Surfaces: Wood, Glass, Canvas, Fabric, Paper.

6. Chalkboard Paint: It’s vintage. It’s versatile. It’s fabulous. From wedding DIY to kids crafts, chalkboard paint can do it all. Pst…it also makes great [cheap] gifts. 


Image from Buzzfeed.

Other Paints: Glow-In-The-Dark-Paint, Acrylic Paint, Washable Kids Paint.


7. Yarn, String, Thread: Always a must for any DIY crafter. You never know when they will come in handy. Check out this awesome Buzzfeed post for 32 Awesome DIY Yarn Projects.

8. Felt: You can make so many cute felt crafts. They make great presents for kids and are inexpensive.


“Top 10 Cutest Felt Crafts”.Click here to see more.

felt2 “Felt Freeze Pop Sabers”. Click here to see more.

9. Lace & Denim: Try something different and use lace or denim for a craft project. If you rifle through your closet, I bet you can find a few items you can transform into awesome crafts.


10. Gems/Jewels: These are an obvious must. There are tons of crafts that involve gems and jewels. Check out this super cool how-to article by clicking here.

11. Sequins: Chic. Sparkly. Fabulous. Need I say more. 

12. Pom Poms: Poms are essential. You can create very unique crafts with them. Poms are also perfect for parties.


How cool is this chair? Article: “Pom-Pom Furniture”; Posted by: Caroline Williamson.

Other Materials: Pipe Cleaners, Buttons, Beads, Feathers.


13. Glitter: I love it. You love it. The end. 

14. Popsicle Sticks: A must-have. Popsicle sticks serve many functions, from flower holders to picture frames.

15. Confetti: One of the funniest craft supplies ever! So many projects, so little time. Check this out: DIY Confetti Bowl.

Other Materials: Wood shapes, Stencils, Craft Foam, Ribbon, Clay, Balloons.


16. Mod Podge: It’s Mod Podge y’all. My favorite craft supply. Use it as a gloss, as a sealer, or as a glue. It keeps crafts looking pretty and professional. If you don’t have it, get it. You can buy Mod Podge at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores. 

17. Tacky Glue (just info): Reliable, non-toxic, fast-drying. Tacky glue has been used in homes for decades.                               Surfaces: Metal, Wood, Paper, Ceramaics.

18. Painter’s Tape: This is incredible helpful when making painted crafts, giving you flawless lines and gorgeous projects. Although it can be pricey, you should definitely invest in some good Painter’s Tape.

painters tape

Image from RRR.


19. Ruler & Scissors (info): They are obvious, but must be mentioned.

20. Paintbrushes: Good paintbrushes are hard to find so take some extra time to research what brush is right for your project.

21. Glue Gun/Glue Sticks: I like to use mini glue guns because they are cheaper…and cuter:p


Buy this Mini Glue Gun at Hobby Lobby for $3.99.

Other Tools: Hole Punch, Wire Clippers, Rubber Stamps, Cutting Mat, Xacto Knife.


22. Construction Paper: You can find it at any crafting store.

23. Colored Tissue Paper: One of my favorite projects…Pom Poms. Click here to find out how to make them. 

24. Clear Contact Paper: Buy it here.

Other Paper: Copy Paper, Origami Paper, Poster Board.

RecycleD/From the Home

25. Mason Jars: DUH!! 

26. Cardboard Boxes: They can be used for anything.

27. Magazines & DVD’s: Magazines are great for collages and DVD’s are great for mosaics. Check out my recent blog post “How-To Create a Mosaic Using DVD’s”.

Other Materials: Egg Cartons, Brown Paper Bags, Newspaper, Bubble Wrap, Toothpicks, Cotton Balls.

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Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day!




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