How To Make A Perfect Picture Collage!!

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(Sample Picture Collage)

I love, love, love picture collages. They are fun and personal…and super addicting. When I was around thirteen years old, I was first introduced to collages. My sister was home on summer break when she decided to make one out of some old magazines I had lying around. Six months later almost ever inch of the walls in my room were covered with collages (yikes!). I no longer have collage-cluttered walls, but I still make them from time to time. Throughout the years I have learned the essentials of a perfect picture collage. I created a list bellow to share with y’all. Enjoy!

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The Canvas {Background}


First things first: Choose your canvas, or background, for your collage.

A variety of backgrounds are available for collages and it’s important to choose the right one. Provided below is a list of my Do’s and Don’ts for collage backgrounds. I recommend planning out your collage before you begin your project to avoid mistakes.


  • White Canvas: A white canvas looks professional and will look nice in your home.
  • Wood Canvas: In addition to being professional, a wood canvas provides a little more stability and smoother surface.
  • Cardboard: For special background layouts (hearts, stars, etc.), Cardboard is perfect. See below for more info on background layouts. Tip: For protection, frame collages with cardboard backgrounds.


  • Poster Boards: They are flimsy and tacky. For day-to-day collages, these are fine; however, if the collage is a gift or wall decor, go in another direction.
  • Glass: There is a time and place for glass in the crafting world. Picture collages are not one of them.


Next, choose a theme. Let’s say, for example, you choose Valentine’s Day as your theme. To stay consistent, you could use…

  • Red and pink colors for elements such as border and text. 
  • Heart icons/pictures throughout the collage.
  • Romantic pictures of you and your partner or pictures from the internet/magazines.

Design Layout

Now you’re ready to choose a design layout. There are several options. Some examples are the following:


A Classic Layout is elegant and has defined borders that clearly show each picture. These are best for big events, such as weddings or graduations. It’s best to use only pictures, as opposed to magazine cut-outs, for this type of collage.

GREY'S ANATOMY COLLAGE greys anstomyLayered Layout

Layered Layouts are more creative. Using magazines or computer printed pictures for this collage is better than using camera pictures. Layered collages are great for personal projects and involve text. One example would be making a collage of your favorite television show. Pictured to the left is a sample Layered Layout created by yours truly of my favorite show Grey’s Anatomy.

scrapbook picture collage boyfriendScrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Layouts are also creative. They are best used for trips and events where keepsakes (recipets, tickets, etc.) are involved. For example, you could make a scrapbook collage of your family trip, including your plane tickets, guest list, etc as keepsakes. This adds another dimension to your collage and provides a unique way of keeping your special memories alive. Look at pintrest for creative ideas on how to make Scrapbook Layout.

heartShapes Layout

Shapes Layouts can be made with both personal pictures and other material. These are fun because they are completely left up to the crafter. Be unique and create something new. They make great gifts for special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.


Now that you have your canvas, design layout, and theme, it’s time to add a border. Why? A Border enhances the collage and brings everything together. Consider the layout and theme when choosing a border.


  • Super graphic borders are too distracting and divert attention away from your collage. You want the focus to be on your collage, not the border.
  • Chunky borders are overwhelming and can be tacky when they aren’t used properly.
  • Check out Pintrest or Google images for inspiration.

Finishing Touch {Mod Podge}

mod podgeFinally it’s time to add Mod Podge. Mod Podge is freakin awesome. It’s the stuff you probably used in art class back in elementary school. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to your completed collage to give it a shiny/glossy look. Mod Podge also keeps your collage protected and in place.

Buy Mod Podge online.

More info on Mod Podge.

Happy crafting y’all!




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