Why You Should Design Your Own App!

This week I decided to play round with the idea of building an app for my website. Why? Because in today’s world everything revolves around technology, so, to be successful, you have to effectively appeal to your target audience. With countless resources available on the internet it’s hard to stand out from the competition. Apps are definitely the way to go.



Creative Crafts by Callie App Design

I designed 3 interactive screens that would serve as the “main pages” of my app- Home Screen, Menu Screen, and Category Screen. I probably spent a little too much time on the graphics…what can I say I love color and design. Instead of overcomplicating my app by including a lot of text and pictures, I took a “Steve Jobs” approach and simplified my app. Because people are out and about when using their devices, they don’t always have the time or patience to go through all the material on an app. Simplyfing the process gives the viewer the most important info about the app, as well as giving them a general idea of what the app provides.

The app I designed is similar to my blog but provides easier navigation. It also cuts out all the extra information that I provide in my blog posts. What I mean is that the app contains only the instructions and the supplies needed for each project. Provided in the information below is a detailed overview of the app I hope to one day create.


The home screen is the first interactive screen that I designed. The home screen is important because it draws in the audience. I created a simple and pretty design that would intrigue the viewers. I used a pretty color scheme (green, purple, blue, and pink) because graphics are the first thing I notice when I am looking into getting an app.I like when things look pretty and organized. Afterall, if you’re going to spend your time looking at the app you might as well have visual stimulus. To enter the app, simply tap anywhere on the screen and the menu “page” will appear.


The second interactive screen I designed was the menu screen, which appears directly after the home screen. Like the home screen, I designed a simple menu consisting of several categories. My blog posts always have a different DIY project and are not categorized. By incorporating categories, viewers will gain easier access to finding specific DIY projects. This eliminates the time spent sifting through various posts trying to find something that you might like. Some of the categories I created are the following: Wedding, Family, Home Décor, Holidays & Events, Gifts, Love & Romance.

(3) Category ScreenSlide3

The third interactive screen I designed was a sample category screen. Once a viewer finds a category they like, swipe the title to the left and the individual category screen will appear. This screen is similar to the menu screen; however, it also includes pictures to go along with the text. Each square box contains the information for a project in that category.For example, If you chose the Holidays & Events category, you might find different projects, such as “Val Day 20015” or “Oscar’s Party”. Let’s say the viewer is interested in the “Val Day 2015” post. Simply, tap on the box and the information will appear in a new screen. The back button (arrow in the upper left hand corner) always viewers to go back to the previous screen. They can also double tap the box, in which a brief description of the project will appear.


Overall, I had a lot of fun designing this app, and I would really love to make it in the future. Looking to make an app of your own? Click here ——> How to Make an App for tutorials and inofrmation. Thanks for reading my post! Check back next week for a new post about DIY spring break projects.




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