Baby Shower DIY Inspiration!!!

Slide01A little over a year ago I found out one of my big sisters was pregnant. OMG! I mean I knew this would happen eventually, but actually hearing my sister say the words, “I’m pregnant,” was a total shock. Words can’t express how excited I was to become an aunt. I knew my future baby niece would be in good hands with her mommy and daddy. My sister, Melissa, is a teacher, an artist, an athlete, and one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Her husband is equally as awesome. In fact, he decorated the nursery himself…how freakin cute is that? I had no doubt in my mind that they would make fabulous parents. As Melissa’s baby shower approached, I started to think about decoration ideas because naturally I had to be the party planner. Slide02What color theme should I use? What food would be cute to have? What fun games could I come up with? Maybe this color…maybe that color…it got obsessive. I spent way too much time on Pintrest looking up ideas for inspiration. More than anyone, Melissa deserved the perfect baby shower. She is a hard-working, fun-loving, laid-back person, and I knew she would never have expectations or demands for her shower….so of course she deserved something special…she’s awesome. After many hours at Michaels and craft-making at home, I was able to finish creating everything. I’m pretty sure there was more glitter and glue on myself than on the crafts I made. The morning of the shower I rushed to set everything up as my mom finished making all the food. Luckily, we got everything done in time. So enough babbling! Here is the finished product….


(1) The Diaper Tower

My other sister, Katherine, created this marvelous work of art. Professional right? The three of us have a knack and a passion for artsy things. All you need are diapers, ribbon, and a little hard work to make one of your own. We used the diaper tower as our table centerpiece.


(2) Table Decor

I had a lot of fun creating this decoration. I kept switching glitter colors and types of flowers until I found the perfect color combo. All of the supplies I used were purchased at Michaels and were low cost. Plus, you can save and re-use this decoration for a future baby shower. Other fun colors to use: yellow, purple, and white.

Slide06(3) Duh…Mason Jar’s 

I had to incorporate mason jars into the baby shower. How could I not? They are filled with deliciously cold pink lemonade. Simply, buy the frozen package from your local grocery store and add water. Boom, presto you have refreshments. Make sure to not put too many ice-cubes so you don’t dilute the pink lemonade.


(4) Nom Nom Nom

We came up with lots of great finger foods to serve, including:

  1. Fruit…of course
  2. Tomato, feta cheese, and a basil leaf
  3. Red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles…to die for. Check out their website here—-> Sprinkles


(5) Thumb Print Tree

I saw this idea on Pintrest and LOVED it. Draw (print out, cut out, etc.) a picture of a tree and have guests place their thumb print on the branches. It also serves as decor for the nursery. Word of advice, use washable ink. Otherwise you will have guests with pink fingers!! Oooops!


(6) Onsie Decorating 

This is a fun activity for guests. You can buy iron-on decorations at any craft store. Another option is getting clothes paint and allowing guests to draw different designs on the onsies. I instantly thought of Grey’s Anatomy when I decorating my onsie (nerd alert).

These I made as a gift to my sister to put in Jocelyne’s room. You can’t go wrong with Winnie the Pooh and co.


I hope you enjoyed my DIY baby shower decorations. Check back next week for an all new blog post.




2 thoughts on “Baby Shower DIY Inspiration!!!

  1. Guy says:

    Great job! And congratulaTions.

    you should really explore this more Cali, I think you have a knack for this sort of thing and you’re very good at talking about it, blogging about it, expressing how you feel.

    I have a few pages going up over the next few months that are better than the page I have now I’ll make sure to include links to your stuff when they’re finished. Keep up the good work.


    • callieboyette says:

      Thank you so much for your support Guy!! I really appreciate what you said and wanting to link to my blog. I will link yours to mine as well. Thanks again for posting a comment. Good luck with your blog! I know you will do great.


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