DIY Bachelorette Party Board Game!!

This week I decided to do something special. One of my best friends, Lauren, recently got engaged, and I wanted to make something fun for her bachelorette party. Bachelorette Pursuit is a DIY board game created from scratch by yours truly. See below to find out how to make one of your own.

Slide01 copy

11007583_2904620985293_1742350496_nHow It Works

The game is for 2+ players. The object of the game is to go around the entire board and up to the center (like trivial pursuit). Each player rolls the dice and moves their player that many spaces onto one of the circle pieces. Then they draw a card from the corresponding pile. Example: you land on the bride icon, and then you draw a blue bride card. Each card will have instructions on what to do.

Types of Cards11004009_2904618225224_1164578785_n

  1. Bride cards: Mostly questions about the bride, some about the groom too.
  2. TV/Film cards: TV and film trivia.
  3. Drinking cards: Self explanatory.
  4. Question mark cards: These are random cards. They might ask you to tell a story or they might ask you to perform a task.

Some of the cards allow you to skip up spaces, some cause you to move back spaces, and some have no effect on the game.


  • The DIY Instructions doc: Document shows you how to make the board game.
  • The print doc: Includes the circle icons and the playing cards.
  • Game Instructions doc: Contains the instructions for Bachelorette Pursuit

Download these three documents: DIY_instructionss and print and game_instructions. (click to download)


Most of the supplies you can buy from hobby lobby or you already have at home. If you are on a low budget you can be creative and use other supplies you have at home to make the game board.

Slide03  Slide04  Slide05


Slide06     Slide07

Slide08     Slide09

Slide10     Slide11

Slide12     Slide13

Slide14     Slide15

Slide16     Slide17

*Excuse the rushed instructions on how to make the game board. Studying for midterms has kept me busy! If you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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